EQ: Is human activity a substantial cause of global climate change? (Toris-TOPIC 2)

EQ: Is human activity a substantial cause of global climate change?
Background: The global climate has been increasing year by year and people are starting to think that humans are the cause of global climate change because we have been emitting a lot of carbon dioxide into the air. Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas, a gas that absorbs heat, and when this it goes into the atmosphere it heats up the atmosphere
Claim: Humans are not the cause of global climate change because carbon dioxide does not cause global climate change and mankind does even not contribute to most of the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere.
Support: According to scientists there is no evidence that carbon dioxide causes global climate change and there are many other things that could cause global climate change. According to scientists solar flares could be a more reasonable reason for why global warming because it has evidence to back up the claim. Solar flares are eruptions with high amounts of radiation on the sun’s surface. When solar flares erupt on the sun some the intense heat that came from that eruption causes increases in heat here on earth.



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7 responses to “EQ: Is human activity a substantial cause of global climate change? (Toris-TOPIC 2)

  1. Morgan Gilberti

    I also agree with your claim that humans do not cause global warming. The use of machines that produce CO2, by humans, does not admit nearly as much CO2 as other aspects of our life, such as the ocean. The ocean produces much of the CO2 that is trapped in our atmosphere. With the little amount of CO2 that humans produces, it is clear that we do not cause global warming. Dr. Timothy Ball has found that “rising CO2 levels are a result of global warming, not a cause of it. As temperatures increase, CO2 is released from “carbon sinks” such as the oceans or the Arctic tundra.” Other research that has been conducted explains that “measurements of ice core samples show that over the last four climactic cycles (past 240,000 years) periods of global warming preceded global increases in CO2.” (Nicholas Caillon, PhD, and Jeffrey P. Severinghaus, PhD)

  2. Johna Russell

    The Earth has been around for 4.6 billion years, Earth is the only planet that contains life, at least to our knowledge. The Earth is regulated by cycles, cycles of life and death, the development of a speciesand its extinction, ice ages and droughts. Since the introduction of the species homo sapien sapien however, things have begun to change. As homo sapien sapiens became more and more populous throughout the planet things began to change. Some species of both plants and animals were changed due to domestication and agriculture. The landscape changed due to deforestation.More recently however the major concern has become pollution. Since the industrial revolution, there has been an steadily increasing move towards urbanization. In urban areas, especially before government regulations became implemented, smog became prevelant. The exhaust fumes from automobiles, the methane gas from the many horses, and the smoke output from factories contributed to create a cloud of pollution that encompassed everything. In the last century or so there has been an increase in public concern, and therefore an increase in government regulation in the amount of pollution that is emmitted, especially by factories. Today one can look at third world countries and see cities such as Hong Kong that are covered in smog, the temperatures in this cloud of fumes is often higher. According to the statements above, carbon dioxide has not been proven to cause global warming, but what about the other gases, methane gas carbon monoxide are produced in great numbes by the actions of humans such as the vast number of cars and trucks driven on a dail basis, and the huge ranches on which millions of cattle are forced to live in close quarters until they are slaughtered for human consumption. In nature all animals emit methane gas through excrementation, this is a natural process which does not harm the environment in a lasting or drastic way, if a huge number of animals is forced to live in one area and they all excrete feces than the methane gas build up is immense and the effect it has on the environment is not one to be ignored. Humans are largely responsible for the climate change that is occuring today, however this is not just do to the emmission of carbon dioxide.

    • Toris Sherwood

      I agree with you that humans have a emit a lot gases and carbon dioxide is not the only one. I also agree with you that humans have some effect on the climate. Carbon dioxide is the most common and known greenhouse gases and it is generally human CO 2 levels that people say cause carbon dioxide. There are plenty of other greenhouse gases that affect the atmosphere, but carbon dioxide affects the atmosphere the most, and like Morgan said our enviroment itself emits more CO 2 than humans do. Another thing to think about is that as the temperature rises the CO 2 levels could rise along with the temperature.

    • Benjamin Adkins

      Things are always changing, it is the way of life. If something becomes static, it is dead.

  3. Matt Nichols

    I would agree that CO2 from humans is not the reason for global climate change. Like the others who commented have already written, it would be the actions of people that causes this climate change. It is said that activities such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels contributes to this climate change (“Climate change.” ProCon.org (2013): n.pag. Pro Con. Web. 20 Feb 2013.). http://climatechange.procon.org/#background People were put on this Earth for a reason, so this world would not be made up of animals and plants that use and depend on CO2, if it contributed to things such as global warming, hurricanes, or droughts. Another cause of climate change is by nature itself. “Theories of naturally caused climate change are often ignored by “mainstream” scientists and organizations because many research scientists are more interested in maintainining the flow of federal grant money for climate change research than in questioning the basic theory of human causation.” (“Climate change.” ProCon.org (2013): n.pag. Pro Con. Web. 20 Feb 2013.).

  4. Reginaldnae Wingfield

    I agree with your claim, but I also agree with (Matt N), because we are put on earth for a reason which is to be successes at something; however global climate is caused by earth’s temperature energy entering and leaving which have nothing to do with humans.
    “Causes of Climate Change.” EPA. Environmental Protection Agency, 1 Aug. 2012. Web. 22 Feb. 2013.

  5. Benjamin Adkins

    I know humans are generating CO2, but not in enough quantity to have any real effect on the atmosphere.http://www.nature.com/news/2011/110824/full/news.2011.504.html I believe tells about how clouds and cosmic radiation effect our atmosphere. Clouds are water vapor, water vapor is the biggest greenhouse gas on Earth. Also,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milankovitch_cycles is a brief description on some major natural cycles that affect out climate.

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