EQ: If used extensively over time, are cell phones safe for users? (Reginaldnae Topic 2)

EQ: If used extensively over time, are cell phones safe for users?
Background: A radiation level called radio frequency (RF) which is regulated by Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Scientific research has suggested that cell phones cause cancer. On April 3, 1973 there was a cell phone known as the brick produced by Motorola. The (RF) can reach a high harmful level to the human body. At the age eight children get twice the amount of radiation in their brain tissue the cause is adults due to their lower skull thickness.
Claim: Cell phones are not safe, because they cause accidents, brain tumors, and cause cancer. Cell phones should only be used for two-three hours a day. While talking on a cell phone then you have an enhanced chance of hitting someone and cause more damage to others. Cell phones are the number one most endangerment devices every created.
Support: Most car accident come from 25 using cell phones. Using cell phones while driving is just like driving while you drunk. Health risk from radiation affect the children the must. Using cell phones for a long time you could be hospitalized. When using a cell phone it really close to your heart. The batteries in cell phones can cause high explosive, if the battery gets hot. Cell Phones caused damaged in DNA and increased the risk of accidents. 2008 about 148.2 billion industry had a little over 270 million subscribers in the United States.



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7 responses to “EQ: If used extensively over time, are cell phones safe for users? (Reginaldnae Topic 2)

  1. Anthony Cain

    Cell phones emit radio waves which you say are dangerous to a person for various reason. Does the use of a hands free device or putting the phone onto speaker make any difference?

  2. Morgan Gilberti

    I like Anthony’s viewpoint. With technology evolving over time, we are coming out with hands free devices for cars and others ways to talk on the phone without it being physically up to one’s ear. Also: “Cell phone radiation, like radio, TV, and visible light radiation, is non-ionizing and cannot cause cancer.” The energy in cell phones is not great enough to remove electrons and ionize, thus meaning it cannot cause cancer.

  3. Toris Sherwood

    I agree with your claim, but I don’t think this would be that big of an issue in today’s society. In our society today the need for cell phones or putting phones directly to our ears is becoming less of a necessarity. People are starting to use things like facebook, skype, and more to communicate with each other. The only time someone calls someone on a phone is for business calls or something important, unless their the type of person to be on a phone for hours, and like Morgan said we are coming up with new technologies, so we don’t need to put the phone next to our ears.

    • Matt Nichols

      @Toris, they’re* not their. But Reginaldnae, I disagree with your claim. You specifically said that cell phones are the number one most dangerous devices ever created which is not true. A few of the most dangerous inventions are the atomic bomb, TNT, the guillotine, an automatic rifle, and agent orange (entrepreneurboss, . “10 Deadly Inventions.” elistmania (2010): n.pag. elistmania. Web. 19 Feb 2013.) http://www.elistmania.com/juice/10_deadly_inventions/ . Some cases have been reported about cell phones being dangerous, but cell phones are nothing to be afraid of. The idea that radiation from cell phones is dangerous, is an approach that is not well known yet by the researchers. It would take a greater amount of time for mobile phone use to leave damage on the brain from radiation levels. “Human studies may be inconclusive for several reasons. For example, any brain cancer effects of prolonged mobile phone use could take many years to develop and analyse, whereas mobile phones have only been in widespread use for a couple of decades.” (“Health risks from mobile phone radiation – why the experts disagree.” European Environment Agency (2011): n.pag. Web. 19 Feb 2013.). http://www.eea.europa.eu/highlights/health-risks-from-mobile-phone

  4. Judy Sanchez

    I do agree with you, cell phones do come around as a distraction for most people. It just taking your eyes off the road for something as simple as checking your phone as a text message could cause an accident. Now you can even hook up your cell phones into your car so you can just talk and continue to drive at the same time, but this still is a distraction and keeps you from having your full attention on the road.

    • Reginaldnae Wingfield

      I agree that why at some restaurants you can’t talk on the cell phone, or places you go. On post there are sign about talking on cell phones.

  5. Reginaldnae Wingfield

    I disagree with you Toris, because in today world people still want cell phones even younger children are starting to have cell phones between the ages of ten and twelve, people still text and communicate their a cell phone, in case you didn’t know that how companies are making money off of cell phones, because people are still buying them. “Mashable.” Mashable. N.p., 1 Jan. 2005. Web. 22 Feb. 2013.

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