EQ: Should abortion be illegal? (Judy-TOPIC 2)

EQ: Should abortion be illegal?
Background: Abortion is something that many people feel strongly about. It still continues to split Americans after the US Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision to Roe v. Wade declared the procedure a “fundamental right”. There are the people who think that it should be legal and it’s more of a choice to the person themselves. There are also people who feel like it should be illegal, and that abortion is murder.
Claim: Abortion is wrong, and should be illegal. It is basically murdering an innocent human being, and each individual person can make an impact in this world regardless if it were a small or large one. Imagine if one of the leader’s of our nation’s mother’s decided to have an abortion, taking that one life would have changed to world in an extremely different way. People should take responsibility for their actions. Making abortion illegal would make women more careful and conscious.
Support: It is understandable that sometimes mistakes happen, but studies showed that in 2006, 19-25% of women who had received an abortion had already had one or more abortions previously. Abortion involves killing an innocent human being. “If the fetus is beyond 20 weeks of gestation, I would assume that there will be pain caused to the fetus. And I believe it will be severe and excruciating pain.” (University of Tennessee Health Science Center). There are over two million couples waiting to adopt babies, but there are only 134,000 US children that are available to adopt as of June 22. So, instead of having an abortion the mother could give up their babies to a couple that can’t conceive one of their own.



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9 responses to “EQ: Should abortion be illegal? (Judy-TOPIC 2)

  1. Alyssa Garrido

    Granted, abortion is portrayed as wrong in many ways but what about rape victims? The ones who’s choice of whether to have a child or not was taken from them? I personally feel as if abortion is an individual’s own choice. Whether they keep their child or not should be a mother’s choice. And as for adoption, there is no sure guarantee that the child will be adopted. There are hundreds of children still waiting to be adopted to this very day.

  2. Toris Sherwood

    I agree with Alyssa a women should have the right to choose if they want an abortion or not. A women could have many reasons to which she wants to not have a child. One reason for a women not to want to have a baby is, like Alyssa said before, the mother could have been a rape victim. Another reason could be because the baby might or will have health problems. Another reason could be because the mother herself could have health problems. There could be many reasons why a women would have an abortion both good or bad, and they deserve the right to decide if they want to have a baby or not.

    • Judy Sanchez

      If by chance the woman was raped there is medical care out there that would make sure she did not get pregnant. Just thinking that your child could have health problems doesn’t mean they couldn’t turn out to be something good. There are often times that a doctor says the child won’t amount to be anything but they still live a long, happy, successful life.

  3. reginaldnae wingfield

    I disagree with Toris, because abortion is a woman choice, but they are killing other human, the baby has not even had life yet. A woman should stand up to her consequence and not depend on abortion to solve their problems. To me if a woman is willing to make a baby then they should be willing to keep the baby; however if you get rape then that other problem or reason.

  4. Johna Russell

    In nature if the conditions are not suited for an animal to reproduce it doesn’t. Most if not all animals have a mating cycle, if there is a lack of food, water, or any other issue that would make life hard, then the animal on instinct does not mate. It waits until a season comes in which it can support its offspring. We humans are an exeption, once we have reached the mating age, which is becoming lower and lower, humans often begin having sex whenever they want to, there is no order or reason behind it. If a child is born to a couple who are enduring financially hard times, the child may grow up on the streets and become influenced by the dark side of society. Abortion is the answer to this problem, its not the perfect solution, but it is the best to be had today. For families who are suffering, abortion would be an act of mercy, if not for it the child may grow up in poverty and die as well, whether by crime, thirst, or starvation. Not all countries in the world provide food stamps such as America does or Hertz IV like Germany does. For many people in the world, having no money means death, is starvation really a better answer than a quick death before the baby has been born? We all make decisions in our lives, some are harder than others, for many of the women who have had abortions, there have been many sleepless nights in which they have considered the problem that they faced. Abortion should not be taken likely, but until a better method has been found it is a neccessary evil for many.

    • Judy Sanchez

      Just because a family doesn’t have the money doesn’t mean their children would grow up in the streets. Like many other things there is always an alternative for abortion, which in this case is would be adoption.

  5. Matt Nichols

    Abortion should be illegal. According to the International Human Rights Law, everybody has their right to live. Just because a baby is not wanted does not make it right to murder the child. If a baby is not wanted then the two who are having sex need to use protection, that’s what it’s made for since humans are the only animal, besides dolphins, that mate for pleasure (Fonseca, Victor. “Animals Besides Humans That Mate for Pleasure.” eHow.com (2013): n.pag. Web. 19 Feb. 2013.) http://www.ehow.com/info_8390317_animals-besides-humans-mate-pleasure.html Although the International Human Rights Law gives all a right to live, it is more of a treaty, rather than a law, but many follow it so that they don’t have anybody look at them in a bad way: “The non-binding instruments, such as declarations and resolutions, can be used in relevant situations to embarrass governments by negative public exposure” (“Right to Life.” hrea.org (2011): n.pag. Web. 19 Feb 2013.) http://citationmachine.net/index2.php?start=&lastName%5B1%5D=&firstName%5B1%5D=&title1=Right+to+Life&title2=hrea.org&volumeNumber=&issueNumber=&pubYear=2011&pageNumber=&medium1=Web&dateRetrieved=19+Feb+2013&title3=&url=&reqstyleid=1&mode=form&minimode=citation&nameCnt=1&more=yes&reqsrcid=MLASubscripService

  6. Caoimhe

    Just because one is pro choice doesn’t mean they are pro abortion.

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