EQ: Should the use of marijuana be legalized? (Anthony)

EQ: Should the use of marijuana be legalized?

Background: Marijuana is the third most recreational drug before alcohol and tobacco, and is healthier than the other too, but is illegal. Enforcing marijuana prohibition laws cost the American government $10 million dollars a year, and results in the arrest of over 750,000 a year; which is almost three times the amount of people arrested for rape, murder, robbery, and other violent acts.
Claim: I believe that marijuana use should be legalized, but given laws and guidelines of use similar to that of alcohol. Marijuana has no long term health detriments. Legalization of marijuana will contribute to a decrease in the amount of illegal drug crime in the case of marijuana. If marijuana is legalized then America can save money from the trials and convictions of marijuana users, and use that time and money to focus on worse crimes.
Support: The only potential problems Marijuana has to a person’s health occurs while a person is under the influence of marijuana. 50,000 people die a year of alcohol relations; while 40,000 people die a year of tobacco, and people don’t die from the actual use of marijuana. If marijuana is legalized then many people who had done it illegally and costly would be able to buy it in stores for cheaper, which will cause an increase in income to the economy, for people would be continuously purchasing marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would also attract tourists from other places where marijuana is still illegal will come to the US in order to smoke it; which would benefit the economy as well.



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4 responses to “EQ: Should the use of marijuana be legalized? (Anthony)

  1. Caoimhe Harvey

    I agree, however, what could one do about growing the plant? Would people be able to grow it on private property, or would it just be sold at walmarts? The distribution of marijuana would also have to taken into consideration.

    • Anthony Cain

      If marijuana were to be legalized it would be grown in fields just as tobacco or in green houses. The point of growing it on private property would be up to the state of residence. I had already stated in the post that marijuana would be purchasable at stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Gas stations, and etc.). What do you mean by distribution? Do you mean selling the products in stores or stores getting the products from companies?

  2. Toris Sherwood

    It’s true that marijuana does not cause people to die from actually using it, but marijuana causes people to want to try drugs that are more dangerous than marijuana, heroin, and these drugs can cause people to die.

  3. reginaldnae wingfield

    I agree, but there should be a limited on how many times you can use it.
    REGINALDNAE: For full credit on your comments, you need to also provide evidence and reasoning to support your views ON ALL COMMENTS.

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