EQ: Should performance enhancing drugs (such as steroids) be accepted in sports? (Reginaldnae)

EQ: Should performance enhancing drugs (such as steroids) be accepted in sports?
Background: A sport argument because of PEDs which cause health effects. Steroids caused the athletic to have higher improvement, then if they were not using steroids. The PEDs is overzealous, unproductive, and very unfairly administered. A player who is using drugs is sending a depraved message to children. Athletics are buying the drugs from a person name Victor Conte.The athletics are using the drugs while in the locker room stalls.

Claim: Performance enhancing drugs should not be accepted in sports because they lead to health issue, make sport worse, and are a bad influence on children. The health issues cause you to get very emotional influence. The sport will become worse, because the team is falling apart cause of the use of drugs. Children will have a negative impact because they look up to that athletic.
Support: “Performance enhancers, like steroids and other forms of doping, have a negative effect on long-term health. For then users of these enhancers are hurting themselves in the long run without on the average improving their short-term rewards from athletic competition, as long as competitors also use harmful enhancers. This is the main rationale for trying to ban steroids and other forms of doping from athletic competitions.” (Gary Becker, PhD) Steroids are very strong drugs to be using during sports. Drugs in general cause a lot of pain to athletic sportsmen, because the body is just reflecting on drugs instead the liquids needed. During drugs in sports can cause violence and attitude toward people. The fans are getting a negative impact; because they see an athletic person using drugs they think it okay.



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8 responses to “EQ: Should performance enhancing drugs (such as steroids) be accepted in sports? (Reginaldnae)

  1. Benjamin Adkins

    In the words of Will Fearal, ” If athlets can’t use drugs, models should not use photshop.”

  2. Toris Sherwood

    It’s true that kids look up to athletes, but when they dream of being athletes they don’t dream of being like the athletes they look up to, but being better than them. Athletes who do drugs are thought of as cheaters at the sport, and the kids who look up to those athletes will try to become better than them without the use of drugs.

    • reginaldnae wingfield

      Kids concerned them as hero which means an athletic person should stay on their game.In some. Kids look up to athletic because they are concerned a role model in society.For example: A lot of kids look up to Chris Paul, but if they found out that he use drugs, so how would the parent explain that to a kid who considered him as a role model.

  3. Benjamin Adkins

    I pressed enter before backspace. “photoshop”

  4. Judy Sanchez

    I agree with your claim. Allowing athletes to use performance enhancing drugs would send a bad message out to the children that look up to them. Using drugs would eventually lead the players into having health problems as well.

    • reginaldnae wingfield

      I think if athletic person use or start using drugs then their consequence should be a fine and remove from the team.

  5. Alyssa Garrido

    There are many aspiring athletes out in the world who train themselves to endure the tough conditions of any sport. The fact that popular athletes have resorted for performance enhancing drugs is a definite letdown, especially if they were a role model for the younger ones. I agree with your claim. And to add to the emotional influences: drugs might also lead to suicide, in severe cases.

  6. Sean Andrade

    Sports have been a way for man to push his athletic capabilities and endurance off of the battlefield since the primitive sports dating back to 3,000 years. When athletes use enhanced drugs they are no longer relying solely on the natural man power, and this eradicates the whole reason for playing them. Another reason why they should not be used is because players have a higher chance of getting injured because they’re unnaturally strong, as well as overly aggressive due to the side affects caused by steroids. For no reason should performance enhancing drugs be used by professional athletes or any at that.

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