EQ (at least ONE Essential Question): Is illegal immigration an economic burden to America? (Christian)

EQ (at least ONE Essential Question): Is illegal immigration an economic burden to America?
BACKGROUND: Illegal immigration has had both positive and negative impacts on the American economy. Due to the fact that illegal immigrants tend to be low-skilled workers, the American economy generally pays them less money, saving the economy a few bucks in the long run as well as allowing for Americans to pay less for certain luxuries. This, however, can pose a dramatic negative impact to the economy in the sense that these undocumented individuals do not pay income taxes and many of these individuals have families that take advantage of a variety of services provided to American citizens, costing America more money than needed.
CLAIM: Illegal immigration is not an economic burden to America because of the fact that these undocumented individuals provide labor in unwanted positions, allow small businesses to potentially create new jobs due to lower working wages and an increased availability of money, and, through the use of services such as education, work to acquire the qualifications necessary to take on higher-skilled positions, improving the work force in the country as a result.
SUPPORT: “[M]any economists say the effect of an estimated 11 million undocumented workers is minimal. While illegal immigrants have a negative impact on unskilled workers — many of whom lack technical training or a high school diploma — economists believe that overall, the American economy benefits a small amount from illegal immigration — a little bit less than 1 percent… That finding… suggests that neither side of the immigration issue has a strong economic argument to make…” “The economic impact of illegal immigration is far smaller than other trends in the economy, such as the increasing use of automation in manufacturing or the growth in global trade. Those two factors have a much bigger impact on wages, prices and the health of the U.S. economy.” (“Q&A: Illegal Immigrants and the U.S. Economy” By Adam Davidson (www.npr.org))



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5 responses to “EQ (at least ONE Essential Question): Is illegal immigration an economic burden to America? (Christian)

  1. Morgan Gilberti

    I agree that illegal immigration is not a burden. Rather: “[E]very empirical study of illegals’ economic impact demonstrates… undocumenteds actually contribute more to public coffers in taxes than they cost in social services. Moreover, undocumented immigrants contribute to the U.S. economy through their investments and consumption of goods and services; filling of millions of essential worker positions resulting in subsidiary job creation, increased productivity and lower costs of goods and services; and unrequited contributions to Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance programs.” (Francine J. Lipman
    “Taxing Undocumented Immigrants: Separate, Unequal and Without Representation,”)

    • Christian Encarnacion

      I appreciate your response.
      The evidence that you provide further gives reason for the FACT that illegal immigration does not pose so much an economic burden to America as it does a benefit. They do indeed provide much more in terms of adding more money in the pockets of our everyday Americans. If there were no immigrants within our borders, the economic state of America would be much worse than it is now as more and more positions would not be filled and the inflation of the prices of goods would become a rather increasingly high stake to adjust to.

  2. a stronger thesis, Christian!

  3. Johna Russell

    Johna Russell
    Illegal Immigration is not as much of an economic burden as outsourcing and the increased mechanization of production.
    Illegal immigrants do neccessary jobs that no one else wants to do. If there are no cheap, immigrant field hands available for farmers in areas like California, then the price of farm produce will increase as the price of production increases, therefore making the wholesome and healthy foods less available to the average American or the the poor. If the food prices rise so drastically that the poor are unable to keep up, then they will be forced to eat at unhealthy fast food restaurants which will increase the chance of these people getting diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes, which would therefore lead to more hospital visits and medicine consumption which all cost money. THis is a slippery slope fallacy but it makes sense.

    • Christian Encarnacion

      I appreciate your comment.
      I understand where you’re coming from, especially with the fact that what could happen if there were no illegal immigrants would be a slippery slope fallacicious series of events. We’re in a much better situation with them than without. I appreciate your support.

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