EQ Is the use of standardized tests improving education in America? (Toris)

EQ Is the use of standardized tests improving education in America?

BACKGROUND: Standardized tests have been a part of American education since the mid-1800s. After 2002’s no child left behind act there has been annual testing in all fifty states. US students have dropped 18th place in math to 31st place between the years 2000 and 2009, and there was a similar decline in science and no change in reading. Due to the failures of the education system it has been blamed for the increase in poverty levels, teacher quality, tenure policies, and increasingly on the pervasive use of standardized tests. Proponents for standardized tests say that the tests are fair and objective. They also say that students and parents approve testing. Opponents of testing say that the tests are neither fair nor objective. They also say that testing undermines Americans’ ability to develop innovators and critical thinkers.

CLAIM: Standardized tests show student improvement so we should not get rid of them, but they also should not do tests annually because it undermines students. I think we should have standardized tests every few years because testing every year undermines students.

Support: Having standardized tests causes teachers to try and teach everything on the test because they want to their students do good. Teaching to the test is a bad method of teaching because the students are just learning what their teachers think will be on the test and not the more important things. Teaching to the test also causes teachers to rush through all the material and explain the material more discretely. This causes students to misunderstand some information and not learn the stuff they need to learn. 



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6 responses to “EQ Is the use of standardized tests improving education in America? (Toris)

  1. reginaldnae

    Yes the use of standardized test improves education, because the result show how much knowledge you have gain.
    REGINAE: You need to support, challenge, or qualify the writer’s claims with your own NEW claims, evidence and reasoning to earn full credit for Blog Comments.

    • reginaldnae wingfield

      I agree with your claim, but standardized test help improve your school test scores.

      • Toris Sherwood

        Do you have any evidence to this. If you look back up at my blog you will see that even after the no child left behind act was enacted there was still a drop in student test scores.

  2. Matt Nichols

    I think your claim was a little repetitive but still effective because it got your point across. I do agree with it though, especially when you said that teachers try to teach only for the test which is not a good method. It does seem that most students don’t care anymore, ever since No Child Left Behind was assigned. Before, they needed to try if they wanted to pass. Now they can just do whatever and still get away with it, so I think your blog was good.

  3. Christian Encarnacion

    Standardized tests have become more of a traditional approach to “assessing the amount of information” a student has essentially accumulated over the course of an entire school year. Although useful in gathering data, they tend to serve no purpose other than as stated, to simply gather data. Sure, standardized tests seem to pose as a significant guideline to follow, especially in a manner that allows teachers to teach based on what their students are to be tested on, but is this generally a plausible approach to teaching students? These “standardized tests” simply allow teachers to teach as they wish, especially with the fact that many of these teachers can get away with it (tenure and what not). To further qualify your claim however, I do indeed agree that standardized tests display a specific amount of growth (if any that is) in the capabilities of students, but this in itself is not doing the typical American student any good. Many American students aren’t going to apply themselves or take an exam seriously, nor are they going to sit in a classroom and take that seriously. If a student sees no need in applying themselves, then the educational situation America is currently in presents a solution that requires the nation to take a different approach, the motivation of students.

  4. Johna Russell

    Standardized tests helps to keep a majority of Americans educated, at least in the basics. However it undermines the ability to move up economically and socially because privates schools allow the rich to recieve a better education in the masses creating an ever wider chasm between poverty and wealth.

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