EQ: Will legalizing gay marriage lead to changes in society? (Alyssa)

EQ: Will legalizing gay marriage lead to changes in society?
BACKGROUND: Gay marriage has been a controversial issue for many, many years yet one side has yet to dominate. On one side, you have the people who are pro-gay marriage who believe that who a person wishes to marry has nothing to do with anybody else – that it is one’s own business. Legalizing gay marriage could raise economy income and prove more health benefits for the couple. On the opposite side, there are those who believe homosexuality is pure wrong; that marriage is religious and sacred, and should only be between a man and a woman, which is socially accepted. States that have legalized gay marriage have been proven to have a lower divorce rate than states that have banned gay marriage.
MY CLAIM: While gay marriage has been looked down upon by society, love cannot be predetermined. One cannot force their feelings to be socially accepted. Legalizing gay marriage could increase the rates for adoption and, whilst the children may be raised in a homosexual environment and have a high probability in adopting the same outlooks as their parents, more people will have access to better health benefits. Economic income and government revenues will grow also.
SUPPORT: “Same-sex couples are similarly situated to different-sex couples in terms of their economic status, their family decisions, their interdependence, and their valuing of marriage. It’s no surprise, then, that gay couples eagerly take advantage of the right to marry when they have it. Research shows that couples who marry – gay or straight – want to express their commitment to each other and to their family and friends. Same-sex couples want to marry to create a firm personal and legal foundation for their own lives and security for their current and future children.



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8 responses to “EQ: Will legalizing gay marriage lead to changes in society? (Alyssa)

  1. Justin Clements

    You claim and support are very clear, despite a few grammatical errors.

  2. Caoimhe Harvey

    I agree, love is love and no matter ones sexual orientation everyone should have the right to be happy, however, this arguement is extremely nature v. nurture. A counterarguement that one can predict from the nurture side would be that children who are adopted or raised by gay parents will be gay in the future.

    • Alyssa Garrido

      I completely agree that this issue is mainly nature vs. nurture. There’s no one real answer, which is what causes so many issues in society. As for the counterargument, that point has been brought up many times in my research. However, one cannot predict a child’s sexual interests based solely on their parents.

  3. Matt Nichols

    I agree with your claim. If marriage is religious to some, then they should respect others who want a gay relationship because not everybody is religious. I like when you said “One cannot force their feelings to be socially accepted” because people can’t help but go with their natural instinct.

    • Alyssa Garrido

      Thank you. (: I wholeheartedly agree. Religion plays a major role in society and because of that, it leads to conflicting opinions that cause fights. Gay marriage is one of them.

  4. Morgan Gilberti

    I also agree, same-sex marriages should be legal and would not affect the economy. Many people are religiously against gay marriage but in today’s society we have the separation of church and state so that we can express ourselves freely and in any way we choose. “Gay marriage is protected by the Constitution’s commitments to liberty and equality. The US Supreme Court declared in 1974’s Cleveland Board of Education v. LaFleur that the “freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause.” (Vaughn Walker, JD, Opinion, Perry v. Schwarzenneger, http://www.uscourts.gov, Aug. 4, 2010) Therefore, banning same-sex marriage would be unconstitutional so why not just allow it?

  5. Kenneth Nevarez

    Gay marriage has and always will be a hot issue for both the proponents and opponents of it, the fact of the matter is that the heart knows what it wants and although not always accepted by society as a whole a gay couple does not necessarily have to get married through the church they could just sign their marriage contract wherever it may be legal.
    “It is no one else’s business if two men or two women want to get married. Two people of the same sex who love each other should be allowed to publicly celebrate their commitment and receive the same benefits of marriage as opposite sex couples.”(“Answers to Questions About Marriage Equality,” http://www.hrc.org)

  6. reginaldnae wingfield

    .I agree with claim, but we live in a world where we judge others, and to them loved doesn’t have any meaning

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