EQ: Should prostitution be legal? (Caoimhe)

EQ: Should prostitution be legal?
BACKGROUND: Prostitution is the oldest career choice that is known to have existed. It has been recorded in documents since 2500 B.C. and up until the Middle Ages it wasn’t considered “filthy” or “disgraceful”. During that time, the United Kingdom decided to put regulations on prostitution such as, prohibiting someone to force a prostitute to have sex with them. However, countries, such as, France outlawed Prostitution completely. In the Holy Roman Empire, prostitution was also illegal and a convicted or accused prostitute could have her nose cut off. In the 1600s, Japan started the first Red Light District and prostitution began to be more accepted by society. Nowadays, there are countries such as Germany, France and Taiwan prostitution has been legalized.
CLAIM: Throughout time many jobs have been created and lost. On job, however, has remained alive for over 2000 year, prostitution. Although in many countries it has been legalized, it remains illegal in the United States. There is controversy over whether the oldest recorded job should be legal and one can argue that it is indeed a victimless crime. Another reason, aside from those previously stated, would be the dramatic drop in the rape of prostitutes.
SUPPORT: Sex work is a career path for some people; however, the negative press that comes from it is due to the apparent venerability of the career. If one takes precautions the vulnerability and chances of getting raped and killed are minimalized significantly (Ana Lopes, PhD). A study shows that if prostitution were to be legalized the crime rate on the streets would drop 25%. By legalizing prostitution, people would be more afraid of committing a crime against the women and in this instance the police wouldn’t have to be searching for prostitutes to arrest and protect at once (Kirby R. Cundiff, PhD).



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8 responses to “EQ: Should prostitution be legal? (Caoimhe)

  1. Justin Clements

    Despite a few grammatical errors, your claim is clearly supported with reliable sources.

  2. Matt Nichols

    I was not 100% sure on the side you picked, but it seems to me that you agreed that some people work through prostitution and that’s their choice. As soon as the word “prostitution” is said, everybody looks down upon it, but the way it was explained in your blog showed a different view on it as an occupation and not something nasty, like everybody makes it out to be. It was a good blog and made me look at prostitution in a different way.

  3. Alyssa Garrido

    It was hard to determine what side you had chosen on the topic, but your sources were quite reliable. However, if prostitution was legalized all throughout the world, wouldn’t that just open up a flood gate of criminal activity involving sexual predators? Legalizing prostitution could also be interlinked with a drastic increase in abortion.

  4. Morgan Gilberti

    I believe that legalizing prostitution would not harm the economy nor create more problems and should be legalized. There are many countries where prostitution is legal and in these countries those working as prostitutes must be checked for STD and other harmful diseases before starting work. Checking for these diseases helped keep that rate down. It is a job like any other and without it being legal prostitutes can get hurt, raped, or become a part of human trafficking. “For all concerned, the best course of action is to bring this business under the ambit of the law. When prostitutes need protection, to whom do we want them to turn — thugs and mafiosi, or doctors and police?” (John Turley-Ewart, PhD; http://prostitution.procon.org/view.answers.php?questionID=001315)

  5. Judy Sanchez

    Like Matt had said i wasn’t really sure on which side that you picked, but prositiution is an occupation and a choice of the person themselves. The fact that it would lower crime rates would also be a good thing. Prositiution may be big to alot of other people, but there are also bigger crimes out there that needs more attention. What Morgan had mentioned about being checked would also be a very good idea.

  6. Caoimhe

    However, rape is a serious crime. It may not always appear in the news as much as gun violence or murder. With prostitution being legalized the street rape numbers would decrease.

  7. Caoimhe

    I also believe that in the case that prostitution is legalized there should be an age set for people to begin their career. Since most people who enter prostitution do so at the young age of 14 (http://www.uri.edu/artsci/wms/hughes/usa.htm), the legal entry age should be placed at a minimum of 16.

  8. I also agree with Morgan on her point that if prostitution was legalized it should really be a requirement that they are frequently checked. In Amsterdam, Holland, as well as a few other civilized nations, prostitution has been legalized, and again it is a law that they must have regular check-ups for STD’s or any other harmful diseases. However, I do disagree with the fact that you believe the entry age should be 16. My reasoning is that many teenagers whom are not fully matured will abandon the hardships of life. Meaning more high school dropouts, less people going to colleges, and fewer people working in jobs that stimulate the nations economy. Therefore, the entry age should atleast remain at 18, so that they are given a chance to think about what they truly want to do with their life. If it is prostitution, so be it.

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