EQ: Is sexual orientation determined at birth? (Judy)

EQ: Is sexual orientation determined at birth?
Background: Many people believe that you may be born gay at birth. Some people don’t believe that sexuality and gender identity aren’t choices but is biological. Other’s believe that being gay is a choice and isn’t genetic. It’s a claim that people continue to say and eventually many people begin to believe. Scientific studies have not found a gay gene.
Claim: Being homosexual is not something that is determined at birth. There isn’t a gay gene, because if there was it would have eventually died out since they cannot produce a child of their own together. Those people who were once gay just shows that being homosexual is not always permanent.
Support: “We [Family Research Council] don’t believe that there’s any biological basis for homosexuality. We feel the causes are complex but are deeply rooted in early childhood development. If it is indeed genetically based it is difficult to see how it could have survived in the gene pool over a period of time.” There is no scientific support that shows there is a gay gene. Based on many years of research, there is a large amount of evidence that shows homosexuality is a ‘developed disorder’. If being gay was genetic it would not be able to be passed down, and the gay gene would have eventually died out because of the fact that having a child with someone of the same sex is impossible.



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12 responses to “EQ: Is sexual orientation determined at birth? (Judy)

  1. Benjamin Adkins

    BENJAMIN ADKINS: Your support has great ethos and your logic is sound.

  2. Caoimhe Harvey

    It isa well put together claim, however, what if there isn’t neccesarly a “gay gene”. Instead there could have been external factors throughout the mothers pregnancy, such as her lifestyle, that could have allowed a mutation to occur within the first few weeks of the child being concieved. It is also a possibility, that the nature of one’s possibility of being gay or straight would originate at birth if the child is born with higher levels testosterone/estrogen levels that most or lower levels.

  3. Matt Nichols

    I agree with your claim. People are just raised around a lot of women and get used to being around them. I think your support went well with your claim.

    • Matt, be sure if you agree with a claim, to further the discussion of it through additional evidence and reasoning of your own, or by providing counterargument to those who might oppose this original Intro post.

  4. reginaldnae

    I agree with your support
    REGINAE: You need to support, challenge, or qualify the writer’s claims with your own NEW claims, evidence and reasoning to earn full credit for Blog Comments.

  5. Alyssa Garrido

    I agree with your claim that there is no such thing as a “gay gene” and that it is near impossible to determine a child’s sexual orientation at birth. When a child is born, they have no interests. As they are raised, however, that is when a child develops who they are which would include sexual interests.

  6. Christian Encarnacion

    I very much agree with you. Homosexuality, if plausible to state as a presence directly due to a biological means of acquiring it, would have died out as a gene due to the inability of homosexuals to reproduce with others of this nature and pass on this so called gene. This, however, does not explain how those who believe they are said gender as a young child, or that upon birth that they created such way, came to be the way that they are. The only plausible presence of homosexuality as I see fit, or as society deems fit, is that it is a direct reliance on the views of society.
    We develop our gender roles based on how society views either gender, and with that being said it is quite reasonable to state that homosexuality is dependent upon how these gender roles are viewed and valued. Both genders have been set in stone as to how they should be, and there is no possible blend between the two. This, as a result, has caused for society to label those who begin to display a blend of the two genders, or a direct resemblance (in action and attitude) of the opposite gender, as homosexual. These terms based on sexuality can seemingly be linked to society, this relationship being displayed in almost everything having to do with viewpoints.

  7. Morgan Gilberti

    I agree with your claim and well as what Alyssa pointed out. The way a child grows up (culture, environment, family life, etc.) affects their life as a whole. “[Stages of development are] understood by developmental psychologists, and are so obviously learned that heterosexuality is clearly not genetically mandated. Surveys of adult homosexuals show conspicuous deficits in several of these developmental stages – showing that homosexuality is cultural and environmental rather than genetic.” (Neil E. Whitehead, PhD; http://borngay.procon.org/view.answers.php?questionID=001335)

  8. Johna Russell

    As can be seen from the research conducted by credible sources, it does not appear as if a human body can have a “gay gene.” Being gay could be caused by an aquired taste for the same sex. It can often be seen that as a child some people dislike things such as the taste of broccolli, but as we progress and gather experience, our opinions change. While it has not been proven that there is a “gay gene” it has been proven that our parents greatly influence our personality, and what we like and don’t like. If a child is adopted by a gay or lesbian couple it could happen that this child, could acquire homosexual tendencies.

    • Judy Sanchez

      Parents do influence our personalities and decisions greatly, but not all of the people who turned out to be homosexual were raised by a gay couple. There are many people who were raised by straigh parents as well.

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