EQ: Can solar energy effectively replace the use of fossil fuels? (Ben)

EQ: Can solar energy effectively replace the use of fossil fuels?

Background: Pro: The technology to make solar energy effective is either already developed, or requires only a few more years of research development. Con: The cost of producing solar farms in sufficient size makes them not cost effective. Also, the space required for solar farms to be a main stay in energy production would be wasteful, not environmentally friendly, and could be used for other uses.

Claim: Solar energy, with the current methodology, can serve to alleviate the need of fossil fuels, but cannot replace fossil fuels, not without help. The total effectiveness of solar energy can be vastly improved if we rethink how to position the solar farms and accept larger investment costs for greater return
Support: Our industry, economy, and society are based firmly on the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels will continue to serve as the foundation of our world for many more years, but we will find ourselves without fossil fuels eventually. When that happens, we need to be prepared and ready to continue providing energy not just for the continuation of current energy usage, but for development and industrial expansion. Renewable sources of energy are going to be needed; but if we wait until their needed to develop them, it will be too late. Wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass sources can either only be placed in certain, limited locations, or require an inordinate amount of space and resources. Solar farms, while requiring large areas of space, can be placed anywhere that has access to the sun. Maintenance from dust and the dilution of solar energy from the atmosphere reduce effectiveness and increase costs; however, there are two locations where dust is nonexistent and atmosphere is removed from the equation, the Moon and space.



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9 responses to “EQ: Can solar energy effectively replace the use of fossil fuels? (Ben)

  1. reginaldnae

    Ben i agree with your claim nice vocabluary
    REGINAE: You need to support, challenge, or qualify the writer’s claims with your own NEW claims, evidence and reasoning to earn full credit for Blog Comments.

  2. Kenneth Nevarez

    I agree with your claim that solar energy will not effectively replace fossil fuels, but the production of photo-voltaic devices is also very dangerous for our environment because once these devices are disposed of they can greatly contaminate the planet.
    “Disposal of large quantities of modules in a single landfill could lead to increased potential risks to humans and biota [animal and plant life of an area or time period]. The leaching of chemicals from these landfilled modules has the potential to contaminate local ground and surface water..”(“Potential Health and Environmental Impacts Associated with the Manufacture and Use of Photovoltaic Cells,”; The California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

    • Benjamin Adkins

      You are correct that the solar cells contain potentially dangerous materials. However, these materials are recyclable and are only harmful when not recycled. Your view point is a needed one to help prevent damage to the enviroment from careless companies.

  3. Justin Clements

    Ben, I agree with your claim. Your support flows with your claim very well. I like how you don’t blatantly claim that solar energy should replace all fossil fuels. Good Job!

    • Benjamin Adkins

      Thank you. A drastic sudden change to other sources of energy would cause alot of harm to our society. We must have a gradual prgression of advancments towards human reliance on renewable energy sources. Right now, the best we can do is to help aleviate the rapid use of our fossil fuels.

  4. Johna Russell

    It has become increasingly obvious that we are destroying our planet, this is in part do to our titanic consumption of fossil fuels. Solar power alone cannot replace the vast demand for electricity. In order to succeed, the use of solar panels must be accentuated with wind power, and hyrdoelectrics.

    • Benjamin Adkins

      Your right, solar power by itself cannot provide enough energy for the world and does require other sources of energy. However, placing solar facilities in space or on the Moon will greatly increase energy that can be produced.

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