EQ- Are social networking sites good for our society? (Kenneth N-H)

EQ- Are social networking sites good for our society?

BACKGROUND: Many people believe that social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter have a lot to contribute to society in various ways such as providing easier communication for people around the world to communicate with one another, or  that they provide companies with an outlet to help get the word out about their product thus helping the economy. While others think that the benefits that the addition of social media to society are outweighed by the dangers of the online world with sexual predators looking for naïve children, criminals recruiting members and hacking peoples accounts to steal somebody’s identity, even some terrorist groups watch their newsfeeds for any hint of movements of troops or cargo and plan an attack.

 CLAIM: Although social networking sites provide an easier medium to use when trying to communicate with friends and family, they pose a serious threat to society by exposing children to online predators, they give criminals a chance to increase their numbers, and even in some cases expose those who fight for our freedoms to terrorist threats that may result in death making said sites more detrimental than beneficial to our society.

SUPPORT: “Everything Soldiers and family members share, including birth dates, vacation photos and even their exact geographical location, can be logged by Facebook applications and then accessed by hackers, identity thieves, and advertisers. For Soldiers, government employees, and civilian contractors, the information shared on Facebook can not only endanger personal privacy, it can put operations security at risk and endanger the lives of service members at home and abroad.”(“Facebook: Please use responsibly” By Ashley Fowler ( http://www.army.mil/article/72387/ )



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2 responses to “EQ- Are social networking sites good for our society? (Kenneth N-H)

  1. Justin Clements

    You present your argument and support that argument very well. Good job.
    Justin, in your comments, be sure to address the writer’s claim, evidence, reasoning, and counter with your own views, evidence and reasoning. You can contribute to the same position with additional evidence, or counter with an opposing view, evidence and reasoning. Happy Blogging!

  2. Matt M.

    You make some very good points in your claim, but I think the benefits of social media outweigh the drawbacks. If social media didn’t exist, there would still be problems with crime in America. Social media is a tool that many honest people use to communicate with one another, and they shouldn’t be punished because of the actions of a small percentage of people who misuse it. Instead of abolishing social media all together, stricter regulations could be placed on it. Perhaps laws could be passed which require social media sites to add safety features and tutorials on how to use them. Or maybe an age limit could be placed to limit children’s access to social media sites. Both of these would be a better alternative to bringing down social networking altogether.

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